Our Story

Before Aspire was formed, Sam Liebman worked on multiple political campaigns. She began her involvement in New Jersey politics in 2013 as an intern, and then later as a Campus Organizer on Barbara Buono's Campaign for New Jersey Governor. On this campaign she was able to work closely, not just with the gubernatorial race, but with candidates and politicians throughout the state, at municipal, local, and statewide levels. Her experience on this campaign led to a strong belief that, when done right, campaigns are more than just a means to a political end, and that politics are more than just a means for power. Win or lose, when done right, campaigns can inspire us and move the needle forward towards progress; And when we win, when done right, politics are about feeling the pride, pain, and desires of the constituents, and fighting daily, and relentlessly for the betterment of our society. 

Throughout her career, Sam has made it her goal to seek out and work for candidates that both truly inspire her and have tough races ahead. She has worked throughout Passaic, Morris, Essex and Bergen counties on races ranging from Congress to council. As Campaign Manager for the Morris County Democrats for Freeholder in 2016, and Campaign Manager for the Wayne Democrats for Mayor & Council in 2017, she was able to help ripen New Jersey's 11th Congressional District for a win. And as a Field Organizer on Mikie Sherrill's Campaign for Congress in 2018, she put much of her focus on Wayne, the district's largest municipality. As a result, every ward in the town turned blue. 

After 6 cycles of tough races throughout North Jersey, Sam wanted to bring her experience and services to hard-to-win local races, and thus Aspire Grassroots was created. With a focus on affordable, versatile, and flexible services, she aims to guide progressive candidates and issue-based campaigns towards success.